The Beginning

My first contact with Yoga was over thirteen years ago, when studying at a small university in Germany. I felt incredibly overwhelmed, confused, unable to breathe properly and sore after my first yoga class. I quickly decided that this seemingly new, hippie trend, called Yoga, was not meant for me.

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A few years later, a friend suggested I attend a yoga class with her and this time the experience was completely different. The teacher touched on the pillars of this ancient philosophy and sparked my interest immediately.

When moving to Australia with my husband in 2011, I left my dear family, long- lasting friendships, great colleagues and an enjoyable job behind. I was struggling to find my place in this new life and was constantly ‘searching’ for something, not knowing what it was. During this unsettling time, I completed several fitness degrees, ran group fitness classes and worked as a personal trainer as well as in my existing school teaching job. Attending regular yoga classes provided me with an anchor in a mentally and emotionally challenging, exhausting and turbulent time.

The moment everything changed

At what seemed to be the peak of my fitness, health and wellbeing, only aged 30, I suddenly felt immense pain in my right foot and was barely able to walk. I was soon diagnosed with early onset osteoarthritis. Being told that I simply had to “live with it”, I went into total denial and instead, researched complimentary healing modalities. I then decided to complete a yoga teacher training to educate myself about this ancient philosophy and the healing power it could provide.

Becoming a yoga teacher

During this first yoga teacher training, in the middle of a session, I was overcome by a warm, comforting feeling of 'coming home'. Right then and there, I knew I had arrived and that this was exactly what I had been looking for. From that day on, my passion for yoga grew and further education followed.

I completed my second Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Institute. This saw me develop a daily, personalised yoga practice that changed from purely asana (postures) to a more reflective and mindful practice. Under the kind and supportive guidance of my highly experienced mentor as well as the studies of the Yoga Sutras, I started to slowly unfold the layers of my own existence and to work through painful issues and experiences, buried deep within me.
A rollercoaster of emotions, thoughts, enlightening and disheartening moments followed.

Six months later, after my diagnosis, I was completely symptom free.

Working as a full-time yoga teacher

In December 2017, driven by my passion and a deep sense of purpose, I resigned from my school teaching job. Over and over again, I have witnessed the powerful benefits that yoga has to offer and I am determined to bring this ancient practice to other people and into the health care system.

I am now working full-time as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist.

Currently, I teach:

  • One-on-one yoga with people from different backgrounds and with various health challenges

  • Trauma sensitive classes for teenagers recovering from drug and alcohol abuse

  • Yoga for Scoliosis classes

  • Chair yoga in an aged care center

  • Classes at a private boys High School

  • Yoga and mindfulness programs for Primary School children

  • Mindfulness PD's for school teachers

  • General yoga classes at studios

Based on my own experience with an unhealthy body image, a racing mind and arthritis in its early stages, I now understand the importance of a wholistic approach. We are much more complex than just our outer appearance or any diagnosis. I truly listen to each individual's story, enabling me to guide and empower my clients on their unique paths.

An eternal student, I am keen to continuously expand my knowledge and I have recently completed my two year Yoga Therapy training with The Yoga Institute.

I don't believe that yoga transforms. Instead, I feel that yoga helps and supports you to bring back your true, inner self.

With my own personal journey, kindness, compassion and infectious enthusiasm, I make the experience of yoga real, authentic and accessible to everyone. I believe in a wholistic approach to health and wellbeing, and provide a non-judgemental, caring and inspiring space for people's unique differences and individual journeys.


  • Yoga Therapist registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists

  • Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Australia

  • iRest® Level 1 Teacher

  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher

  • Peaceful Kids Certificate- Mindfulness for children

  • NSW accredited school teacher with ten years of teaching experience in Germany and Australia

  • Certificate III in Fitness

  • Certificate IV in Fitness

  • PunchFit Boxing Certificate

  • Cycle Exel Spin Certificate Level 1 & 2

  • Bootcamp Australia Certificate Level 1 & 2

  • Senior First Aid and CPR