Do you want to be able to practise at home or at your favourite spot and develop a personal yoga practice that you can do any day, anywhere?

Why a personalised practice?

Traditionally, yoga has always been taught 1:1, because there is no "one size fits all" approach when it comes to health and wellbeing. We are all so different in our body shape, lifestyle, role, age, background, health, likes and dislikes, moving, breathing and thinking. While group classes bring a lot of benefits, such as community, belonging, inspiration and motivation, private one-on-one yoga allows for powerful personal change by focusing on the unique needs and aims of the individual student.

What's included?

Private yoga sessions are designed according to the physical, mental and emotional state of the individual.

  • This program starts with a thorough consultation where we discover and unfold your own individual story and establish your personal needs and goals. 
  • You will then be led through a thoroughly tailored yoga practice that is specifically designed for you.
  • The practice is noted down/ recorded for you so that you can practise at your own time in your own space.
  • You will learn about various tools and techniques to modify and tweak your practice.
  • You will be guided along your journey through regular sessions, tips, education and inspiration.

Time and place:

Tailoring the yoga/meditation to your needs.

Personal yoga can take place in a rented space by the teacher, in your work place, in the park or by the beach.
Please get in contact to discuss things further.


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* Concession rates for seniors aged 65+ apply.
* Sessions after the initial package are priced at $85.

All prices are in Australian Dollar.