Oneness Yoga Space is delighted to partner with various organizations and health practitioners to provide the best possible care and support for every individual.

The Yoga Foundation

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The Yoga Foundation is an Australian registered charity with DGR status that exists to bring the benefits of yoga to disadvantaged people experiencing various and complex mental health concerns and who cannot access yoga easily.

Daniela is one of the lead teachers for The Yoga Foundation and has taught several programs over the past couple of years, including

  • a program for teenagers recovering from drug and alcohol abuse

  • a program for people experiencing severe mental health issues such as trauma, anxiety and depression, bipolar disorders

  • a program for people with intellectual disabilities

  • a program for Youth Off The Streets

  • a program for women affected by domestic violence

Having recently taught a program at Westmead hospital, Daniela is on a mission to help disadvantaged teenagers to gain skills to better deal with life's challenges. Feel free to watch a short video about this program here.

Total Physiotherapy

Daniela has recently united forces with the amazing and caring team of Total Physiotherapy, Clovelly

We believe that we can care best for the needs and circumstances of our clients if we acknowledge that various healing modalities can be integrated and utilised to provide the best possible care and support.

The therapeutic application of Yoga can be used to prevent injuries, to help in the recovery process and to give tools that support pain management. We are about to launch our first 6 week program at Total Physiotherapy, Clovelly.

Who would benefit from this program?

  • Individuals dealing with chronic pain

  • Anyone experiencing postural related back or neck pain

  • Those looking for a way to help manage work or life stressors

  • Athletes interested in strategies to improve their recovery, preparation and performance

If you are ever looking for highly experienced, knowledgeable, kind and caring physiotherapists- I cannot recommend Stuart and Jack from Total Physiotherapy, Clovelly highly enough.