In our fast- paced world, kids and teenagers are increasingly bombarded with the demands of rapid changes in their environments. While technology offers wonderful benefits, it can also take children away from real life play time, from social connections and physical movements. Moreover, peer pressure, expectations from teachers and relatives and the over- identification with idols can lead to low self- esteem, anxiety and lack of focus and concentration.

In a playfully challenging, fun, and informative way, programs for kids and teens aim to focus on developing physical, social, emotional and self regulating skills to cultivate an overall sense of wellbeing, resilience and lifelong learning.

Through cross-sectional research and validated classroom pedagogies, Daniela from Oneness Yoga Space combines breath- centered movement and psycho- education with scientifically proven mindfulness strategies and yoga techniques. Young people will be equipped with skills that help them to thrive in their personal, social, professional and academic lives.

Priced at:

$120 for 60- minute Yoga/ Mindfulness class, specifically designed to your children's needs (price is per class, not per person)

$880 for an 8 week program

Book a Yoga/ Mindfulness session for kids/ teens and allow them to learn valuable skills for life.

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