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Are you looking for a wholistic approach to health and wellbeing? Are you tired of diets? Are you looking for an effective and kind way to feel comfortable, nourished, strong and balanced?

With many years of experience, I use a Health at Every Size® and Non Diet approach. There is no shouting, no weighing or measuring, but simply a female personal trainer who really listens to your individual story and who guides you safely and effectively on your unique journey of health and wellbeing. There will be plenty of laughs and support along the way as you improve your balance, strength and fitness in a way that is sustainable over the long term – and actually fun and enjoyable.

All ages, genders, shapes and sizes are welcome.

Personal training sessions run in Centennial Park/ Queen's Park, Sydney. Each training session is tailored to the needs of the individual. I mainly use body weight exercises and some simple training equipment so that you feel inspired and empowered to continue your fitness journey eventually without me. We will also incorporate ways to nourish and nurture not only your body but also your mind.

If you have tried and given up on exercise before – maybe it’s time for you to try a different approach?

Get in touch today to discuss your personal needs and goals and to claim your FREE trail session. 
Shared sessions with your partner, family member, friend or colleague are also possible, because let's face it- training together is even better :-)

Prices after FREE trial session: $65 (30 minutes)/ $75 (45 minutes)/ $85 (60 minutes)
Prices are according to time, NOT participants (so you can share the costs with your best buddy, family member or partner).