Yoga Therapy is a wholistic process in which teachings and practices of Yoga are specifically tailored to the presenting health conditions of an individual in order to empower and support each person on their unique journey towards improved health and wellbeing.

Due to the unique needs and goals of every person, we will have a close look at all aspects of life, such as diet, sleep, work, social connections, health concerns etc. in order to develop a practice that is specifically addressing the circumstances of the individual.

Yoga Therapy is an integrative practice that uses knowledge drawn from the ancient Indian sciences of Ayurveda (for the body) and Yoga (for the mind).

Tools used can include specific movements, breathing practices, sound, visualization, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques. They are utilised in ways that help to manage and reduce pain, to support mental health, to address specific health conditions, to enhance relationships, to increase energy and mobility, to balance body, breath and mind, to help with insomnia, and to increase the quality of life.

Yoga Therapy addresses health from a wholistic and individual perspective, either in small class settings or 1:1.

The process for 1:1 Yoga Therapy involves designing a personalised program based on the specific physical, psychological, social and emotional state of health, and the individual's unique needs and goals. Following an initial consultation, a tailored practice will be designed for the student to practise regularly in their own time and place.

Personalised packages include:


Small Yoga Therapy classes provide a safe and welcoming environment to practise according to the individual's needs and goals within a therapeutic group setting.

Prices vary according to the length of the program and specific circumstances.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Currently, Daniela teaches in community centres, aged care centres, hospitals, chiropractor clinics and physiotherapy clinics to provide therapeutic sessions. She also travels and sees clients 1:1 at Cammeray Yoga.